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  • Are you sick and tired of throwing time, money & energy at marketing meetings, conferences, roadshows, investor meetings with very little or no results ?
  • Having interviewed hundreds of investment advisors and funds in exactly the same boat, all of them said their #1 Problem is that they are struggling to raise assets and compete with the big boys
  • In 25 years of interviewing, researching and allocating capital to thousands of managers around the world,
  • We found that the really successful ones all followed  the same recipe,
  • And that the 90% that failed, all failed because the same reasons.

Billions have been raised during the time that you have been struggling

  • How would you feel if you had that very same game plan, mapped out and broken down into actual step by step models that you can follow
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  • If you answered YES - and would like to learn how other advisors with lesser credentials have raised billions during the time that you’ve been struggling
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If you're not convinced, read what some very kind people have said about us

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Bill Gellman

“I wish that I had access to this kind of guidance and training when I was building an asset management business; I would have saved myself years of trial and error and been so much more successful raising funds."

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Miltiades Caldis

“Anric is a visionary. He will help bring your vision into fruition. What strikes me most about Anric is the amount of value he is able to add in such a short space of time. I can already see a huge mistake in my capital raising process watching this video - thank you again!

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John Trammell

“Global Fund Advisors will undoubtedly aid managers that are looking for the foundations of respectable business growth and new methods of getting their message heard and understood.”

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Thomas Evans

"It's about high time that someone of their caliber launched something like this. Between their extensive experience and modern thought process, I think it will be beneficial to most managers."

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Barbara Lewnowski

“Lauralouise has the analytical skills and operational experience to identify exactly what makes some managers succeed whilst others fail, and even more rare, she can communicate effectively with the managers on how to build a more robust business and more effectively market.”

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Judy Krandel

"Lauralouise was very easy to work with and made a great difference to help me grow my business. I would love the opportunity to work with her again, and believe she could add significant value in any investment product."

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