Action Guarantee

The Action Guarantee

We want you to succeed, it’s the most important thing for us. And the #1 factor affecting the results that you will achieve is - ACTION - if you don’t take action, you can’t get results. We want you to feel comfortable making this decision and the investment you make is a tiny fraction of the benefits that you will gain, but only if you take action and do the work. That is why we have created a 10, 14 or 30 day money back* action guarantee.

(*minus any credit card processing fees charged by our payment processing company)

The details are below and this is not your typical legalese. We encourage you to read the below thoroughly. These are terms we are both agreeing upon as a basis for our successful relationship together.



Here is what we know for sure: the training curriculum produces RESULTS. To be clear, it is called an ACTION guarantee, meaning these programs will work if YOU will. If you think buying a program is going to make you more successful... If you think listening passively will magically change you or your business... If you think you've heard it all and know it all (but you don’t have the results to show for it), please DO NOT purchase this program.

These are serious programs for serious achievers who intend to produce serious results.

We understand that this is not for everyone, and we like it that way.

We offer this Action Guarantee because we know when you make your decision you won't know if you can trust what we are telling you. We understand that. We also understand it is likely you’ve purchased programs in the past that weren't all they were promised to be—we hate that too!

The Action Guarantee is simply us putting our money where our mouth is. If, after10, 14 or 30 days, depending on the program specified , still the beginning of the program, you cannot already see how what you will learn and APPLY can eventually produce at multiples of the investment cost of the program you purchased —then prove to us that you did, in fact, do the work (see below) and we will gladly refund your full investment* and wish you Godspeed. (*minus any credit card processing fees charged by our payment processing company)

We hope this puts your mind and anxiety at ease so you can comfortably break the inertia, step forward, and make the investment in yourself and your future, knowing you have absolutely zero to lose if it isn't all that we promise it to be. Sound fair enough?

What ‘ACTION’ means

  • Complete the “Initial Snapshot Review”  process to prepare your mind and eyes to find what, exactly, is going to be most important target in leveling up your success.
  • View all video training sessions completely, including the Introduction and Welcome videos.
  • Complete the follow-along Manual pages, the Action Guide, Module Worksheets, and the After-Action Review for each module.


How To Enact The Action Guarantee

While it is difficult to understand the full effect that our training system will have on your future only a few modules or 10, 14 or 30 days in, we still want to provide you the full guarantee that this program is as excellent as we and others are telling you it is. This should ease your mind that you have nothing to risk, but everything to gain by getting started.

Assuming you are eligible to enact the Action Guarantee (see above) you must submit your request through our Help Center, here. Once a member of our team confirms your eligibility, you’ll be asked to submit PDF scans of your fully completed work (see above) for the relevant Modules that should have been completed to finalize your cancellation. This process has to be completed within10, 14 or 30-days of purchase, depending on the particular program. There are no exceptions. Read that again please—no exceptions. Proof of ACTION is required to enact the Action Guarantee.

Again, we guarantee these programs work, if you will—otherwise we would not offer them publicly after 25+ years each in this industry. Our mission is positive IMPACT. That requires members getting RESULTS. We stand firmly behind any program or training we offer for purchase.



If you opted to finance your digital training program purchase instead of paying in full, this section is for you: If you chose one of our monthly installments plans to finance your program purchase, you are responsible for completing your monthly payments regardless of whether or not you participate in or finish the program. If your payment method on file does not allow us to bill the payment due, we will reach out to you and give you a 7-day grace period to send us your new information or to make arrangements. If you do not get your information up-to-date during that grace period, your program access will be suspended. We respect your choice to step up and be outstanding. We want to help!  We’ll try our best to reach you using the contact information you provided (email, telephone, whatsapp, or in writing by U.S. mail). We hate doing this, but if after attempting to reach you we are still unable to process the payment due, we may work with a third-party agency to help us recover the full balance remaining. For this unsecured loan, we are relying on your good character and integrity. We are trusting you.

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