Our Manifesto 

At Global Fund Advisors 

  1. We believe all our clients who are under our care and protection absolutely need every possible advantage we can give them.
  2. We embrace learning, adding value and paying it forward.
  3. We reward loyalty, originality and have a passionate quest to add value to everyone we come in contact with.
  4. We wholeheartedly believe that a group of committed individuals can truly change the world.
  5. We believe in always telling the truth and playing full out.
  6. We believe that the system is rigged against emerging managers and that we are their secret weapon on the way to sustained success.

Lauralouise and Anric Blatt
November 2019

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Alternative Investment Specialists That Have a Mission

After performing due diligence on thousands and thousands of funds and investing with many hundreds of different managers - we have spent the last 15 years learning what makes one manager stand out and succeed versus another who simply cannot get traction.  Beginning with our own experiences as asset managers and extensively studying the most successful fund businesses in the world, we have learned what works to deliver success and what doesn’t.

It all begins with the one key factor that is absolutely vital to gathering assets. So let us help you get on the path to success and live life and business on your terms. 

For too long we have stood on the sidelines watching too many fund managers struggle, so we have decided to do something about it and help this industry that has been so kind and generous to us over the decades. 

Some managers make it and having discovered all the reasons, we feel it's our responsibility to help as many emerging managers as possible.