Lauralouise Blatt

Managing Partner 

Asset Management | Emerging Managers | Coach and Advisor 

After performing due diligence on thousands of funds and investing in as many, she has spent the last 15 years studying what makes one manager stand out and succeed versus another who cannot get traction. Beginning with her own experience and extensively studying the most successful fund businesses in the world, she has learned what works to deliver success and what doesn’t.

Lauralouise Duffy Blatt is a Principal and CEO of Global Fund Exchange since 2006. The group has launched in excess of USD$ 1.8 billion in hedge fund products. Responsible for portfolio construction, manager selection, due diligence, asset allocation and portfolio management. Global Fund Directors is a provider of independent expert directors to hedge fund, foundations and investment boards. We represent an evolution in fiduciary governance. We aim to use our expertise to add value to investment managers and their investors.

From 2000 through 2006, Ms. Duffy was a Partner and the COO of FNY Capital, the investment arm of First New York Securities. She managed the operations, compliance and administration of 11 hedge funds and managed a $350 million managed account platform. Prior to 2000, Ms. Duffy also served as Managing Director for EGS Securities, a global macro fund; Managing Director of Croesus Capital Mgmt, a global emerging markets fund; and Partner and COO for the global macro fund, Argonaut Capital Management, at inception in 1993.

Ms. Duffy Blatt has spent 25 years running the operations, due diligence, administration and compliance for investment funds around the world including Europe, Russia, Asia and South America in global macro, energy, emerging markets, and private equities. Ms. Duffy has extensive experience in risk management, manager due diligence, legal, compliance, product structuring and development, and operational management.

An active philanthropist, Ms. Duffy is the Co-Founder of the Little Baby Face Foundation focused on reconstructive surgeries for babies born with severe deformation.


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Some Testimonials that we are really grateful for

Thomas Evans Image

Thomas Evans

Executive Vice President Marketing and Distribution Permal Group Inc., Director Strategic Investments Group

I have known Lauralouise for 24 years, meeting her in the multi manager hedge fund industry, she has always been extremely professional and knowledgeable of the industry and the many managers it encompasses. She has focused on and become what I consider an expert in existing and specifically newer emerging managers.

I met Anric just as they were starting their multi manager fund allocation business. I was thoroughly impressed with the thoroughness of the systems and back office setup.  Also, the due diligence process for new managers was well put together due to Lauralouise's extensive experience discovering existing and emerging managers as well as her sell side experience. Additionally I know they also have made successful custom asset allocation products for their clients.

Emerging new fund managers are being more or less ignored and money allocated to the larger funds and long only in the last few years. I would highly recommend their new product , the interactive video based coaching/consulting course focused exclusively on fund managers. Its a bout hight time that someone of their calibre launched something like this. Between their extensive experience and modern thought process, I think it will be beneficial to most managers.


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Barbara Lewnowski

Co-founder of family office, RosePaul Investments, CEO of CACEIS North America, President Olympia Capital

I have known Lauralouise Blatt in a professional capacity in the alternative investment industry for over 25 years, and unequivocally recommend her as a resource, guide and coach of the highest calibre and integrity. We intersected often since she was an executive in the global fund management industry specialized on creating and running funds focused on emerging managers, while I was CEO of a global fund administration company, also catering to emerging managers worldwide. In the years our careers intersected, our industry underwent cataclysmic changes, and the path to success was, and continues to be, highly challenging. This business requires exceptional strategic thinking, coupled with impeccable execution, both areas in which Lauralouise is exceptionally talented. Lauralouise has the analytical skills and operational experience to identify exactly what makes some managers succeed whilst others fail, and even more rare, she can communicate effectively with the managers on how to build a more robust business and more effectively market. Few people have the vision and expertise of Lauralouise, yet even fewer actually care this deeply and can provide practical, hands-on advice in a direct, detailed and clear manner. Simply put, Lauralouise is a gem and can be a transformative secret weapon for emerging managers worldwide.

Michael Glaubman Image

Michael Glaubman

CEO Mondiale Securities LLC, Hedge Fund and Private Equity Consultant

I have known Anric since 2003, and have admired his drive, strategic thinking, leadership qualities, generosity, and professionalism. Anric's vision and global rolodex assists him to add value to ventures, whether it's his independent Directorships, or starting and growing a business into a multi billion dollar asset management business. From a personal perspective, Anric fosters business and personal relationships with C suite executives, and makes time to mentor others providing feedback, advice, and guidance. I feel fortunate to have developed a life long friend of Anric's caliber, and endorse him enthusiastically.

Jim Moore Image

Jim Moore

Managing Member, Triumph Investment Fund Management LLC

I have known Anric Blatt for more than 20 years and dealt with him frequently on a business and personal basis Mr. Blatt is an extremely innovative thinker, exhibits superb business acumen and has an equally superb reputation. He has always exhibited the highest ethical and moral standards. His ongoing contribution to the investment industry to his community and to a variety of charities is well documented. His contribution of knowledge and experience and giving spirit migrates to all those around him. I heartily recommend Anric Blatt to anyone needing his services or his coaching. He continues to be an admirable business man, a credit to society and a very successful, caring and highly motivated human being.

Judy Krandel Image

Judy Krandel, CFA

Senior Business Development and Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant and former CFO at PeerStream, Inc.

Lauralouise is a great leader and business visionary. She is extremely focused, very detail oriented and organized, with a great network of contacts. She was very easy to work with and made a great difference to help me grow my business. I would love the opportunity to work with her again, and believe she could add significant value in any investment product

Placeholder Image

John Michael Pagli, Jr.

Alternative Investment Strategic Business Development 

I have known Anric Blatt since the late 1990s as an astute investor, creative entrepreneur, thought leader, advisor and friend with unimpeachable integrity, credentials and accomplishments. I would eagerly back Anric in his endeavors.

Noel Smith Headshot Image

Noel Smith

Hedge Fund Manager

Anric has a clear and concise plan to help Hedge Fund Managers build their business. He patiently walked me through his very thought through program and it's clear that it can add value to help structure a marketing program. A completely positive experience

Miltiades Caldis Image

Miltiades Caldis

Hedge Fund Manager

I met Anric through Opalesque, the world's leading professional hedge fund news platform. We entered into what was supposed to be a 40 min coaching call but ended up going well over. We spoke about Reasons Why Funds fail and the Pitfalls of Emerging Managers. The crux I got from the presentation was invaluable. It is something that I was on the fence of as it is not common in the fund industry. Anric is a visionary. He will help bring your vision into fruition. What strikes me most about Anric is the amount of value he is able to add in such a short space of time.