Stop sending
out Factsheets

We all need to stop
sending out factsheets

They do more harm than good, and don't allow you to solve your clients problem. 

There are so many better ways to capture your client's attention and step above your competition:  check out the video and sign up below.


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Discover the #1 Factor 

 After 30 years each in this industry and intense due diligence on thousands of funds, we have uncovered the single common factor that über-successful funds have mastered that sets them above all others that struggle.

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Why We Can and Want to Help You

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The Longest Bull Run in History is Going to End 

After a 10 year Bull Run, Investors are going to need you more than ever. But you can't raise money in a crash, now is the time to take action and add extreme value. 

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Ultra High Net
Worth Investors

Globally, there are more than 265,000 Ultra High Net Worth Investors ($50m up). 90,000 of these investors are in the United States.

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Emerging Managers will Shine Brighter 

Emerging managers outperform more mature hedge funds because they are nimble, as well as diversified in ideas that are often overlooked by Jumbo firms.

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The World has Changed and You will be the Winner

With a New Era approach to your marketing and messaging, you can now reach HNW & UHNW clients directly and step above the competition.

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Thomas Evans

Executive Vice President
Permal Group INC

“It's about high time that someone of their caliber launched something like this. Between their extensive experience and modern thought process, I think it will be beneficial to most managers.”

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Bill Gellman

Chief Operating Officer
Blue Force Development Corp.

"This is much needed in the industry and I cannot think of a better team with whom asset managers should seek to work than Anric and Lauralouise! Managers should be clamoring for the opportunity. I wish that I had access to this kind of guidance and training when I was building an asset management business; I would have saved myself years of trial and error and been so much more successful raising funds."

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John Trammell

Managing Director
Symphony Financial Partners

"Global Fund Advisors will undoubtedly aid managers that are looking for the foundations of respectable business growth and new methods of getting their message heard and understood."