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Viral Posts 101


Viral Posts 101

Lots of chatter here saying its BS - but getting attention is currency that you can invest in your personal brand

So watch #anricb take you through a few of his viral posts

1. Decide what your definition of viral is before you mindfkuck yourself - its different for everyone...

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No, Linkedin is no longer an online resume


Absolutely critical to change your definition and approach to LinkedIn. So many still think of it as an online resume - No its NOT - its the best tool I (and my clients raising $$$$$) have utilized in 2020 and its about to take off even more

After watching the video, please

1. Follow #anricb or #...

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Here's the 10 things I learnt in 2020 going from 9 views per post to over 200,000


So yesterday I anal-yzed over 1000 of my 2020 LinkedIn Posts and studied the failures, the average and the super stars that hyper-engaged and gave me the privilege to approve 5,000 new treasured connections from over 20,000 requests and here is a short video sample of some of the...

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Linkedin Recoomendations


Very important update on Linkedin Recommendations


Linkedin Recommendations - how to get social proof, marketing support and boost your profile

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Using Hashtags on LinkedIn to get to the right audience


Group A (Big Ass Hashtags)




Group C (Personal and Unique)


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Reverse Hacking the Linkedin Algorithm with Good Intentions


By now you've probably noticed a sharp drop off in Linkedin views from a month ago. So how is it that some posts go viral when others simply die of loneliness ? 

Here's a short (sort of) unscripted, unedited and off the cuff video where I explain the Top 10 factors that you can implement...

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Linkedin Private Task Force


So here is a rough idea of how its going to work ....

1. Create an original post by 09h00 MST / 11h00 EST in the morning using hashtags that your clients follow and are interested in and then

2. click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and select copy link to post

3. paste that link...

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LinkedIn is still the place to be for business connections


Did you know that more than 500 million people are on LinkedIn ? its absolutely still the space to be if you are in business and want to grow and reach people - but not the way most people do it.

Thats why we've decided to include our LinkedIn training with the upcoming launch of "Mastering the...

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