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This Friday's Liquid Zoom focused on #CrushingitonLinkedin and Negroni Cocktails


Last week's call was a total hoot - Yes, we had too many people on the call, yes, there were some with no camera on (seriously ??) and more than 30 zoomers came late and were denied access (I still feel bad about that)

We did discuss some absolutely priceless #CrushingitonLinkedin...

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No, Linkedin is no longer an online resume


Absolutely critical to change your definition and approach to LinkedIn. So many still think of it as an online resume - No its NOT - its the best tool I (and my clients raising $$$$$) have utilized in 2020 and its about to take off even more

After watching the video, please

1. Follow #anricb or #...

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Here's the 10 things I learnt in 2020 going from 9 views per post to over 200,000


So yesterday I anal-yzed over 1000 of my 2020 LinkedIn Posts and studied the failures, the average and the super stars that hyper-engaged and gave me the privilege to approve 5,000 new treasured connections from over 20,000 requests and here is a short video sample of some of the...

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Trying to close deals over zoom ? Read this first ...

Trying to close deals on ZOOM ? Of course we are - unless you're dead (and still voting).

In all seriousness, I have helped #entrepreneurs raise #money (lots of it) and I do this by helping them build #digital #funnels, which is really techie talk for designing an authentic sales process that is...

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Linkedin Recoomendations


Very important update on Linkedin Recommendations


Linkedin Recommendations - how to get social proof, marketing support and boost your profile

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Using Hashtags on LinkedIn to get to the right audience


Group A (Big Ass Hashtags)




Group C (Personal and Unique)


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Reverse Hacking the Linkedin Algorithm with Good Intentions


By now you've probably noticed a sharp drop off in Linkedin views from a month ago. So how is it that some posts go viral when others simply die of loneliness ? 

Here's a short (sort of) unscripted, unedited and off the cuff video where I explain the Top 10 factors that you can implement...

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Never Sell Past Performance

If you are in any way 'selling' #investments of any kind - do yourself (and your #investors) a great favor - NEVER sell yourself using #pastperformance .... if you want to know why ... scroll down

- Sincerely Anric Blatt - Investor - Coach to Asset Raisers...

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Join our Digital Happy Hour for Investment Gurus


>>> Here is the Zoom Link - PS - No pitching of any kind, unless its a beer pitcher

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Recent Breakthroughs Part 1


For the last several months we have been working intensively with a number of Asset Management and Financial Advisory Groups all around the world - the one thing that they all have in common is that they need to raise capital from investors in order to make their own business work.

Here are some...

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