Forget the crazy metrics and KPI's on Linkedin


Crazy metrics and views like this are a complete waste of time and energy on Linkedin ... 

it's just vanity and keeping up with the Jones' - Here's why ....

It's irrelevant whether you have 500, 5000 or 50,000 connections on Linkedin or even a million followers. What matters is the following, in roughly this order

The video above shows you what a Wolf Pack or a Tribe of Raving Fans looks like 

1. Your strategy ... are you interested in getting followers for vanity or actual real life close contacts who love engaging with you, many of whom become your friends, many become raving fans, many become raving fan clients, some become investors, some even become partners and at worst case scenario, many become ambassadors for your brand

2. The quality and quantity of conversations .... everything on Linkedin starts with conversations, and if your authentic content starts conversations in the comments and then with the right training that segues into DM's that enter your private domain and eventually your funnel, you are using it right. If you cant measure it, your doing it wrong.

3. The value you add and the value you get .... is a critical element of your enjoyment and success on Linkedin and will keep you coming back or fizzling out. My content is authentic, unique and engaging, its real, its not perfect and I offend people, so what ? Because you see, I allow my connections to wander around my garden of content at their leisure, and when they are ready to have a conversation, I check them out and invite them inside to share a glass or two at my cozy fireplace, and if that conversation goes well, they get a dinner invitation (metaphorically of course, although many of my closest mates in my wolf pack that have visited my homes, started right here on Linkedin.

4. Learn the right strategies .... quit wasting time with spammy outbound marketing and getting rejected, build a giant superconducting magnet that 🅰️. Repels the wrong people and 🅱️. attracts the right people .... its all about relentless respectful authenticity and the skills that are inside the #CrushingitonLinkedin program. Thats it, it's as simple as that.

... oh, and use the coupon VIP in all CAPS to get 60% off if youre part of my Linkedin tribe, no need to pay full price. I'm not in this for the money, I just hate seeing people struggle when I can fix that for you in a few minutes.

*** Bonus Tip - Build your personal brand with a lethal combination of authenticity and consistency .... both are important and neither works without the other ...

Sincerely 🆎

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