Never Sell Past Performance

If you are in any way 'selling' #investments of any kind - do yourself (and your #investors) a great favor - NEVER sell yourself using #pastperformance .... if you want to know why ... scroll down

- Sincerely Anric Blatt - Investor - Coach to Asset Raisers a.k.a #anricb the fund whisperer

#uhnw #investmentadvisors #assetmanagement 

#hedgefunds #financialadvisors #financialplanning 

#privateequity #venturecapital #capitalraising


Here's WHY ? its only start

Need some help designing your solution ?

Talk to me by booking a call so that we can brainstorm together and see if I can help you - here is the link .. ... ...

but seriously don't use that link to try and sell me your fund (especially using past performance)

or using a factsheet (Here's why managers need to stop sending out factsheets

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