Trying to close deals over zoom ? Read this first ...

Trying to close deals on ZOOM ? Of course we are - unless you're dead (and still voting).

In all seriousness, I have helped #entrepreneurs raise #money (lots of it) and I do this by helping them build #digital #funnels, which is really techie talk for designing an authentic sales process that is Easy Fun & Lucrative (ELF) and that needs ZOOM right near the end of the funnel where you actually close the deal.

We've had stacks of really fun zoom meetings, our digital happy hour for investment gurus has connected more people than I ever did in person, and I've learnt many many tricks to make the digital distance between us evaporate.

Even billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban agrees. If you previously conducted these crucial sales visits over a drink, you can still do this by having a matching bottle sent to your prospect with a request they drink it with you over Zoom. Even online, sharing a drink appeals to all five senses, the camaraderie, ice breaker and the sound of your voices raised in toast, why, that's just as good over Zoom as in person. Maybe better, because it's not in a noisy bar.

Don't feel like drinking at 08h00 am ? Me neither, so we have had all sorts of other zoom events that completely eradicate the digital divide

  • Digital Happy Hour for Investment Gurus
  • Whiskey vs Bourbon tasting and debate
  • Sunrise Coffee Meetings
  • Jacuzzi meetings (Ipad & Jacuzzi & Zoom)
  • Online doggie play dates - each of us brings a dog and we grab a zoom and talk shop and have fun
  • Grilling - Smoker Zoom events
  • Cigar and drink under a tree
  • Wine tasting - we both open the same bottle and share it together

you name it, we (or our clients) have done it - together we can do more, do it faster and more efficiently and the old brick and mortar model is not coming back. Its time to adjust

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