Linkedin Private Task Force


So here is a rough idea of how its going to work ....

1. Create an original post by 09h00 MST / 11h00 EST in the morning using hashtags that your clients follow and are interested in and then

2. click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and select ⛓ copy link to post

3. paste that link into our LinkedIn Task force group on WhatsApp  to alert everyone of the 1 (only one) post of that day that you wish to supercharge

4. Everyone supports everyone else's post before 09h30 MST / 11h30 EST with a Like / Love / Curious and a comment tagging @the author or someone that needs to see this and liking everyone else's comments that are already there

5. The author of each post comes back within the hour and likes and thanks every commenter personally by tagging their @name back in it, and everyone that can, likes that comment too

This is the exact hack for the LinkedIn algorithm that triggers a trending supercharged post in your audience,

it takes 20 minutes each day but will catapult you into the stratosphere of LinkedIn connections and engagement.

Its not a part time thing, it must be done properly and religiously for it to work, because all of us in the Private Task Force are consistently supporting one daily post at the right time in the right manner, making each post go viral and alerting the algo to start taking note of what you're doing,

if you've done it for 18 - 21 days, you shift into the next category of posters.

Still interested in joining, can you commit to it ?  If YES, lets move forward

please send me a WhatsApp message IF and ONLY IF, you are committed and ready to proceed:  

Click on this link to SEND MESSAGE

PS - This is by invitation only - do not share this link or this message 


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