Recent Breakthroughs Part 2


Yesterday we spoke briefly of some of the breakthroughs our Asset Management and Financial Advisory clients have had transforming their businesses from old defunct analog models to modern thriving digital money raising machines. This is Part 2

Realizations continued ...

  • Well constructed, authentic value adding digital asset raising processes are
    • cheaper (much)
    • quicker (much)
    • more effective (much)
    • and a lot more fun
  • By exchanging commuting time with engagement time
    • you can 'visit' with 10x as many prospects per day
    • you can research and prepare better
    • sales meetings are no longer hit-and miss
    • follow up mechanisms can be ritualized and KPI's are now useful
  • LinkedIn - when implemented correctly is better than any cap intro event they have attended
  • No gatekeepers, no committees, just direct and immediate engagement
  • Normal (as if it ever was) aint coming back

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