Here's the 10 things I learnt in 2020 going from 9 views per post to over 200,000


So yesterday I anal-yzed over 1000 of my 2020 LinkedIn Posts and studied the failures, the average and the super stars that hyper-engaged and gave me the privilege to approve 5,000 new treasured connections from over 20,000 requests and here is a short video sample of some of the winners and losers: "Going from 9 views per post to over 200,000"

💌 So here is one of my handwritten notes as promised

💌 THE 🔟 THINGS I LEARNT by going from 9 views per post to over 200,000

I am certain they will be super-helpful to you too - why not learn from my mistakes.

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Here is the link for those that want to really master this part of Linkedin.



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