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Would you like to do something that will make your asset management clients massively more successful? Help them uncover the winning formulas used by ultra successful fund managers to achieve massive results. 

Mastering The New Fund Order

Uncover the winning formulas used by ultra successful fund managers to achieve massive results. Discover these insiders’ secrets and learn these step-by-step systems to transform your marketing, raise assets and avoid the pitfalls of failure. The more successful your clients are, the more successful your business will be. 

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10 Digital Training Modules

Designed and produced with Emerging Asset Managers in mind

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Several Engaging Sub-Modules

Each module will have several sub modules specific to the topic

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Several Surprise Bonus Modules

Interspersed throughout are 4-5 highly valuable Bonus Modules

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Monthly Live Brainstorming

Q&A and live brainstorming on private Facebook / LinkedIn group

Preview Our Digital Course

Created By Industry Insiders To Make Alternative Investment Managers more Successful

A digital video and implementation course created only for Emerging Fund Managers by veteran industry insiders, Lauralouise and Anric Blatt. (Hint: You can adjust Video Quality and Playback speed by clicking the small gear icon bottom right of the video.)

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Why We Want To Help

  • For the last 25 years we have been at the forefront of the Alternative Investment Industry as entrepreneurs, asset managers, product builders, portfolio constructors and marketers.
  • For the last 17 of these, we have also been on the buy side actively interviewing and allocating to emerging managers.
  • Having done research on thousands of managers we soon discovered that despite superior performance, greater alpha and lower risk, emerging managers have actually been actively discriminated against in the one place it really matters:  allocations from investors.
  • The other major discovery we made after studying managers that fail to get to critical mass when others seem to prosper so seamlessly, is that there is a straightforward rule book employed by the über-successful funds.
  • Well, just like you, we have been frustrated to tears with this conundrum, so we decided to do something and decided to level the playing fields and help put emerging managers back on the road to success.

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Interested in offering this outstanding resource to your clients ?

This outstanding digital video coaching and implementation course will really help fund managers, start-ups, emerging or even established managers that are frustrated with their level of sales and AUM growth.

Why not offer it to them at a discount or even get paid for offering it, assuming that's possible and preferred.

We would love to talk to you to se how we can help as many of your clients as possible. We want to make a difference in this industry and need partners. 

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